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Ron wrote:
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Ron wrote:
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Ron wrote:
It is one sad point to me, that for years we were tied to podules
and then when we got PCI, we have only ever utilised two cards,
PCTV and SB0220, aside from the core Nvidia,USB  and Pro/1000.
Put a line of blank between quotes :-|

It may be hard to find one.  Remember that all PCI devices in
Iyonix need to be 3.3V/Universal, so same problem as graphics
cards.  This is part of the reason of relatively few PCI
expansion options for the Iyonix.
Pretty easy to pick, the 5V cards dont have a slot cut, and
they wont push into the Iyonix. I cant say I have gone searching
for them though, and wasn't aware that it was a problem.
The point of the previous threads is that in general, this isn't
always true.  Some USB cards for example are 3.3V compat, but
don't have the slot cut.  Some graphics cards have 3.3V + 5V
wired together.  And I know from my experience with other 3.3V
PCI systems that some universal cut network cards do not work.

So in conclusion, you'll need to be able to examine the power
lines and chipset on any card you find to check it really
is 3.3V before you go and plug it in.

Yes, all worthwhile points to know about.
There has been hinting from Chris in particular, that a PCI card
could blow up the Iyonix.
I certainly wouldn't use my Iyonix to test for dead PCI cards,
There are plenty of PC's for that. 
But there has been no-one claiming that they *did* do damage by 
the trying of a video card in their machine.

Ron M

for what its worth

1: Cards without the 2nd slot can work in the iyo IF they are corrctly wired to the PCI spec, with the VIO pci pins connected only to the VIO on the relevant pci chip(s), and if they use chips that run happily on 3.3v for their main VCC.

2: The risk of damage occurs when poorly constructed cards are used that tie the VCC and VIO lines of the  PCI bus together. A quick inspection of the PCI bus will indicate which pins these are. We even saw some (far east) manufacturers' example circuit diagrams that showed this incorrect wiring, so no wonder(!).

For what its worth, at Iyonix we often had to machine slots into cards and on some generations of card we also had to separate the VIO and VCC wiring.

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