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  • From: "David J. Ruck" <druck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:09:39 +0000

On 27/02/2011 22:23, Matthew Thompson wrote:
Sorry to reply to my own question, but I have figured out the problem,
it turns out that the cables were connected to the wrong drives, so
when I clicked on the DVD drive icon instead of accessing the DVD
drive it was accessing  the CD-ROM drive and vice versa, so when i've
time I will swap the cables back round and it should all be back to
normal (I hope)

Also check that all the drive links are set correctly after adding the new drive. There are two ways of doing it:-

1) Using cable select: for this you will need two 80 way IDE cables, 40 way must not be used. Make sure all the drive select links are in the 'CS' position, and attach a hard drive to the end of each cable and the CD/DVD to the middle.

2) Using Master Slave (which I recommend). Make sure that one device on each cable is set to Master and the Other to slave. You pairing a hard drive and CD/DVD make the hard drive the master. But you can put both drives on one cable and both opticals on the other if desired - but some combinations may not work.

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