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  • Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 08:59:08 +0100

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[snip - A9home 32bit Toolbox modules]

>Are you aware of any apps that depend on level 1.80 toolbox?

I have never found anything that would require later than the official
ROL distribution of Toolbox 1.71 etc.

It is not clear why the later A9home set produced the error, it could be
either a bug in one of the Toolbox modules or could be an incompatibility
with the Castle CLib.

Later, not publicly released, ROL toolbox modules are more developed,
particularly TextGagets. For one's own work one might have liked the
later modules to be available. I did use the A9home set for a while on
the Iyonix but reverted back to the released set.

In general Select features are not a problem for Iyonix users. They are
not available on the Iyonix so developers can not use them, so much of
the user base does use the Iyonix now. It is a brilliant strategy by ROL
to avoid incompatibility.

David Pitt.

Computing with RISC OS.
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