[iyonix-support] Re: !AudioIn fails to run

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  • Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 23:14:29 +0100

In message <cb2230c84e.pittdj+@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
          David Pitt <pittdj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>On 22 Mar rickman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> I can't get !AudioIn to run on my Iyo (5.13)
> I find that !AudioIn runs with OS5.13 with either the Castle ROM
> Toolbox modules or with ROL's publicly released Toolbox (Toolbox module
> version 1.71 etc. that is).
> I did reproduce the "Task not known" error with the same postmortem if I
> used the 32bit Toolbox modules that came with in the A9home's !System
> (Toolbox module version 1.80 etc.). With its current OS4.42 the A9home
> has later Toolbox modules in ROM.
> The OP could do *Help Toolbox.

After removing the A9Home toolbox modules and installing the 1.71 ROL 
modules, !AudioIn now works - thanks.

Are you aware of any apps that depend on level 1.80 toolbox?


John Rickman - writing from A9home machine
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