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  • From: jb <jwb@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 20:45:40 +0100

Hi Folks

As some may now have noticed, the majority of new Iyonix machines from
Iyonix Ltd (shipped from June onwards) have been shipped with RiscOS
5.12, and a newer type of nVidia card, either FX5200 or FX5500.

Rom 5.12 is MAC locked, and not currently on general release for
existing machines. General release should happen hopefully sometime in

Rom 5.12 will be a pay-for upgrade. It permits the use of nVidia
graphics cards later than the GeForce 2 series. It also will 'start'
both of the heads in a dual head card. It does not yet, unfortunately,
start the DVI drivers if they are present, though the analogue output
capabilities of the DVI connector are available.

Rom 5.12 does also include the USB2 driver in ROM, as previously
intimated. This delays slightly the moment at which screen output
appears, but speeds up the point at which the machine becomes usable as
the USB stack starts with USB2 at the beginning, rather than needing
to be restarted when USB2 is soft loaded.

n.b. Iyonix Ltd, through which, post ROHS, Iyonix machines are now sold,
will be running with reduced staff this coming week and will be closed
for holidays for the last week of August. More information on everything
will be forthcoming in September. 


John Ballance
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