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  • Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 11:34:44 +0100

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> Has anyone else experienced !smbserver problems as here: having tried 5.18
> and then reverted to 5.16 for various reasons - including an inability to
> run Samba under the new OS, I now find that I cannot get Samba to run, even
> back on 5.16  :-(

> When the ADFS::HardDisc4.$.!Restore516 is run, are there any bits which
> were changed with the 5.18 flash which are then not changed back?

No. Your flash is either fully 5.18 or fully 5.16, any mix of versions 
would not start up. The only changes that remain are whatever changes 
you or any software have made to the system (i.e., CMOS and hard disc 
contents) while you were running 5.18. As to CMOS, the only thing that 
springs to mind is that you or some software unplugged a ROM module. 
That is unlikely to lead to the above error, but worth a try: *unplug 
shows unplugged modules.

> [snip smbserver error]
> Can anyone see a way out of this? I really miss the ability to connect RO &
> laptop  :(

I wonder why you run the server on RISC OS. I find it far more 
reliable to let Win7 do the job of serving files and just have a 
client on RISC OS. I use SunFish on the RISC OS side (free) and an NFS 
server on the Windows side (the commerical Allegro server but there is 
also the free TrueGrid server). This is a bit of work to set up 
though, so I am not suggesting you should switch right now, but in 
case you experience continued trouble in getting smbserver to work, 
you might be reassured to know that there are working alternatives. 
SunFish is very reliable and stable here, both on 5.16 and on 5.18.

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