[iyonix-support] Re: 5.18 Upgrade problems

  • From: John Ballance <jwb@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: iyonix-support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 13:05:18 +0000

Hi John

As suggested, revert to 5.16. Then double check what you're running at boot.

Perhaps before reverting, try(temporarily) renaming !Boot to OL!Boot, then doing a reboot. You'll have a low res screen as it won't run !Boot, but are things any better? .. if so it suggests something you're running at boot is getting in the way.

if you want a quick way to do a cmos reset: *fx162,9,0 this will overwrite the cmos checksum. next boot will reload the default. (1 in 256 chance you'll need too use a value other than 0 !!)

Don't forget to rename OL!Boot back to !Boot after this sort of test


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On 02/03/2012 11:48, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
First of all, please excuse what is going to be a long tale of woe!

Having just taken the plunge and re-flashed the new operating system (5.18)
on my Iyonix, I was first dismayed that on re-booting there was an error
message that ADFS was not found, and I was presented with a very basic
desktop with no hard-discs.
Pressing F12&  *fx0 told me that 5.18 was running ok.
Having realised that ADFS was 'unplugged'&  *rmreinit'ed it all was
restored to normality on re-booting - with one exception: no Task Manager
icon in the right hand corner, and F12 has no effect, so it seems I have no
access to * commands.

Thinking that perhaps a further re-boot might restore things, I tried
again. This time there was a Task Manager icon, but in addition although
the mouse pointer moved the buttons had no effect on anything on the
desktop and there was still no action from F12. I then noticed the clock
was stationary in Organizer so hit Alt/Break and stopped "Unknown".
This at least allowed the mouse buttons to function, but I was still unable
to access * commands because trying to open a task window from the manager
had no effect. There seemed to still be something unwanted running, so
again I pressed Alt/Break and this time selecting "Stop" left it
highlighted without doing anything. I pressed Alt/Break again and this time
selecting "Cancel" also left that highlighted.

A further re-boot (where I am up to when writing this) and there is still
no Task Manager, F12 has no effect, and to get this far I had to 'Stop'
some 'Unknown' but at least most things seem to work!

I had better post this while I can, and hope that someone out there can
tell me what is going on, and how to restore normality. Please!


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