[iyonix-support] Re: 5.18 Upgrade problems

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  • Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 15:06:52 +0000 (GMT)

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> On 02 Mar, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> [Snip]
> > A further re-boot (where I am up to when writing this) and there is
> > still no Task Manager, F12 has no effect, and to get this far I had
> > to 'Stop' some 'Unknown' but at least most things seem to work!
> [Snip]

> I have just re-booted once more and I see I had slightly mis-reported
> before: the task manager does appear on the icon bar in that first
> stage where the mouse buttons do nothing. When I hit Alt/Break and stop
> "Unknown" the initial response is the "Application may have gone
> wrong..." message, and when I select 'Continue', that is when the Task
> Manager disappears. So presumably there is something in the Task
> Manager that finds the upgrade indigestible?

Can you hit escape early in the boot sequence to prevent it getting to
the stage where it crashes?

Try *Desktop if needed.

Unplug/replug the mouse to see if that makes the mouse work.


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