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What do you mean by that Venk ??

There's CHICKEN MUGURU at stake here :)


>its jazz's  call
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>>Too bad we can't attempt stories like this anymore ...
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>>>Cyberabad school becomes part of global incubation program
>>>By Press Trust of India
>>>Friday, December 01, 2000
>>>BERLIN--The Hyderabad-based Indian School of Business is among seven
>>>management institutes across the world to be a part of the global incubation
>>>program to foster and implement information technology (IT) ideas developed
>>>by some of the brightest graduate business students.
>>>In a move that promises to launch a wave of e-business start-ups, the
>>>initiative launched by Sun Microsystems will allow students to begin to turn
>>>their business plans into commercial enterprises while still in school.
>>>The business school in Hyderabad along with business school at Oxford
>>>university and five more business schools--two in the US and one each in
>>>Italy, Singapore and China--will benefit from a hardware and software
>>>package valued at $ 250,000 under the Sun Campus Incubation Program, Sun
>>>officials said.
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