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Sounds like a third-party plug-in.
We saw an issue like this once before with (I believe) a Trend Micro product.
Any chance of an ISABPA & ISAInfo?

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This came to me from a member of my technology network group. She's got an ISA 
server where the rules have gone bonkers. It's an SBS box. She says there were 
about 30 rules and now there are over 40. The additional rules are repeats of 
the original ones that the installation creates but in the description the GUID 
is exposed. The rules can't be disabled or deleted. I thought maybe a corrupt 
registry? The server is still up and running. No comment on whether it's still 
doing it job or not.  She sent me 2 bmp shots at 2MB each. I've got permission 
to share them with others, if need be.  Have any of you seen this before? Heard 
of it? Any thoughts on what would cause a situation like this to occur?






Hi Amy:


All of a sudden one of our ISA servers has twice as many rules as it should 
have and they are weird configurations.  When I try to disable or delete the 
erroneous ones, I get the error message that is included in the attached file.  
Have you ever seen this before?  Can you tell me what might be going on?  
Thanks for your help.



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