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Dan said open a port
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        From: Ball, Dan [mailto:DBall@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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        Skype is an annoying little program, in that it usually finds
its own way through your firewall, making it difficult to block.  That
being said, you shouldn't need to "open a port" to get it running, it'll
do http tunneling to get through using your existing rules.


        Using that information, take a look at your rules for http and
https to figure out what might be wrong.



        From: TAH_Service [mailto:tahservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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        Subject: [isalist] skype port


        Hi all;


        I don't know why, why can't I use the skype calling? I can
register, can find contact but I can't call,

        How can we open the port for those skype? In ISA2004




        Samnang Seng (IT Technician)

        TE AIK HONG Co., Ltd


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