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thanx for the reply Athif ,

two things were clear;

1. isa do works well on w2k advance server,

2. clients can dialup to be a part of what we can call remote LAN.


now if u could please help me , what steps are required , i mean before i install isa ;

  1. 1st i make one dialup connection at "my network places" for my server to connect to the Internet.
  2. do i have to make another for my clients to dial to me on my server.

on administrative tools of MS window 2000 server,

  1. i 1st make a domain , (by typing  DCPROMO  on run)
  2. then do i have to define users in "active directory users and computers" and allow then to dialup by properties .... , OR is this process is done in dialup entry of ISA management.

and can u refer any tutorial for dialup clients on isa server , because i cant find any on

thanx again , please reply soon.

Raheel .



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Yes, ISA can be installed on Win2k Advanced Server.
Your client computers connecting using dialup modem has to dial in to your
network first. Once they are in your network, as soon as dial up connection
is established, you get an IP which can be your LAN IP. Just define the
proxy setting normally and itz dunn.
I hope itz clear, feel free to ask any questions, there are many folks who
can answer to you.
Good Luck,
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Subject: [isalist] isa questions and problem
I have two urgent questions , please answer as soon as possible;
1. can ISA server be installed on ' MS Windows 2000 Advance Server '
2. how can my client computers connect to the ISA server using dialup.
because all the tutorials I see are for my(server) to connect using modem to
the Internet and all other computers to connect to me by LAN , but i wants
to connect then using dialup modem to me,( I have two modems and two
telephone lines on my server pc).

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