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Why don't you simply buy a cheap wireless access point and connect that to a 
standard NIC in your ISA box?   That way you can set up a "real" wireless VLAN 
with suitable access rules to allow just the required traffic onto your network 
from the wireless VLAN.
If all you are actually wanting to do is provided a wireless link for your 
Laptop in the Computer room when you need it, do you even go through the ISA 
box ?
Before we moved buildings late last year I had a cheap pocket AP set up with a 
fixed IP address set-up in the computer room.   All I had to do was power it up 
and turn on the wireless card in my laptop when I wanted to use it and power it 
off again when I was finished.  While the AP only does WEP (128 bit at least) 
because it was only powered up while I was using it and the AP doesn't have a 
great range anyway I didn't see it as a big issue.  In the new building the 
computer room is right next door to my office rather than in another building 
so I have not yet had a need to use my laptop in the computer room so the AP 
has not yet been set-up.
However if you really want to learn how to make wireless work through your ISA 
box, then go and get an AP - or convince your PHB[1] that you "need" one for 
some reason or other ...
1 Pointy Haired Boss

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The original question is can I use the routing in windows 2003 and ISA 2004 to 
allow a desktop wireless card form an access point so that my laptop can get 
service in the server room without me worrying about plugging in.
Ok, maybe a bit long winded.
I can get it somewhat working thru using it as an Ad-Hoc network, and it even 
was able to assign an IP from DHCP on the windows 2003 machine. But the 
connection is not right, no internet, no DNS I expect.
I have not spent much time with it, and I don't want to waste any unnecessarily 
attempts that aren't going to work.
I'm not a network Guru, not a guru at all. 
Looking for advice on if it can be done and how the best way to get it done.
And maybe the best way is with a wireless router, just seems to me this should 
work as well

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