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Hi Asif,

Problem #1: 
    That error is being reported by msiexec (the windows installer app), not 
the FW client.
    What is different between the working and non-working machines?  
    The FW client installer is coming from the same place, so it can't be that.

Problem #2:
    1. don't use the ISA as a workstation; it breaks you carefully-crafted 
security model.
    2. to allow web browsing, enter "localhost:8080" in the IE proxy settings 
on the ISA
    3. to allow non-proxy apps, create packet filters 

Problem #3: 
    NAT is built into ISA; if you mean "use secureNAT", then take a read in:

Jim Harrison
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  I'm a little confused on all the terms here.... 

  I am using ISA server 2000, sp2 its running well but their is some problem in 
isa my be it is bug but I don't thing so.

  The first problem is. When I install isa firewall client on my other machine 
the setup causes error (win 32 application error) I have approximately 50 
computer the error in 15 computer but 35 computer is running I also capture the 
screen shot see my attachment 

  The second problem is I read the isa manual and isa recommend that u can't 
install isa firewall client on isa server but when I install isa on my server 
the server internet browser, like internet explore or Netscape could not be 
work but when I install isa firewall client on the server, the server internet 
browser is start 

  The third problem is I want to use NAT services on isa when I read isa manual 
there is no given extra setting are available on the manual 

  Thx I am waiting Ur reply 

  Asif Bakali 

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