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  • Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 14:39:42 -0700

Thank you Jim, yes I meant Certificate Signing Request, Verisign technical
support gave me your same answer:

You can use any website in IIS to create the CSR's. If you wish to create 2
new websites that is also ok. The ports do not matter. Neither does the IP
or what the sites name is. You can simply create 2 dummy websites with any
IP's and any ports and use those to apply for the new certificates.


Ruba AlOmari

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Your query is a bit unclear, Ruba…

CSR == Certificate Request?

As far as which website to use for the certificate request, it doesn't
matter.  Once you decide on the certificate structure and generate the
request, you can install the certificate anywhere you choose (within the
limits of the license, of course).

How you choose to build your website is completely up to you – this is no
absolute "use this port" or "name your website this way" rule.

As far as what ports to use, make sure you have SP3 on ISA 2004 or
non-standard ports may not work (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/923330/).

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You are the experts Please you got to help me, Jim , Tom, Greg and everybody

On 7/18/07, *Ruba Al-Omari* <romari@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi List,

I need to publish 2 wild card certificates for 2 domains on the same ISA
server, I have enough IP addresses and SSL licenses for the servers, there
will be 6 servers for each domain name. I understand that the SSL should be
obtained for the ISA server, and so there will be 2 CSR files, my problem is
I don't know to which website do I need to create those 2 CSR files, do I
create 2 new websites and create 2 CSR for them? does teh port number for
the websites matter? can I use the 80 port for one of the websites or this
is not recommended? or do I just create 2 websites with any 2 port numbers
and get 2 CSRs for them, and do all the publishing rules from the ISA?

Thanks for any help,

Ruba Al Omari

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