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That might be part of it, I installed the policy portion of Websense on the ISA 
server to cut down on the amount of internal traffic generated.

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In our scenario if a user goes to a page which is blocked, the Websense plugin 
causes a redirection to the Websense policy server, where there is a web server 
that displays the blocked page.  I don't have any specific rules in ISA for 
Websense other than allowing the Websense ISA plugin to talk to the filtering 

I may have missed something?

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For you guys running Websense, how do you handle the blocked page notification? 
 Apparently it creates a nice little cgi script that runs on the ISA server 
itself which generates the blocked page notification.

Right now I have a single TCP port opened up to the localhost on the ISA 
server, which allows the page to show (but quite often goes to the ISA 502 page 
until refreshed), but I don't really like opening any ports to the localhost.

Anyone have a better configuration?

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