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  • Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 10:18:28 +0300


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Can you access the webserver without any problem behind ISA?

rubix cube <rubixc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi ,

I searched and can't find a tutorial about how to
publish a web server in ISA 2004, there is a tutorial about isa 2000,
can any one send me a link to a tutorial about the ISA 2004 please?

Am trying to publish an Apache server behind ISA on port 8088, I
follow the wizard which seems very easy forward and redirect to the
specified port and check the make requests appear coming from ISA and
forward original header, but I get an Access denied error.

I set the Authentication to none, I want to publish the site with no
authentication required currently.

The ISA is behind a firewall which has the public address of the
website that I want to publish mapped to the ISA nic.

Thanks for any help.

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