RE: Web Publishing with dialup issues

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  • Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 09:14:03 -0600

Sorry to break into this dicussion.  I have just purchase Microsoft Small
Business Server to replace our NT 4.0 server.  Dial up internet connection
seems to work but after a few packets are transmitted, the internet
connection stops sending and receiving.  Being a first time user of the
Firewall and Security programs, what needs to be set in order to
sucessfully connect to the internet via dial up?
> Is your dial-up connection using a dynamically assigned IP? If so, your =
> publishing rules have to be updated each time your IP changes.
> I have a vbs script and documentation that will automatically update the =
> rules each time the IP changes. The documentation is by Steve Brooks - =
> not sure if he actually wrote the script. It does work - that is what I =
> use behind my dial-up out here in the middle of nowhere where a real =
> internet connection is not feasible.
> I'll email it to you if you want it (it's only about 50K).
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> Subject: [isalist] Web Publishing with dialup issues
> ISA Web publishing stops working when the dialup connection is dropped =
> and
> automatically redialed by ISA. Does Web Publishing not work with dialup
> connections?
> The incoming web request listener is configured to listen on all IP
> addresses.
> Thanks for any help,
> Stefan
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