RE: Web Proxy Service stop responding

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:19:30 -0400

David Liles said...

Would what you described with proxy cache posibly cause the following?

We have SBS2000 which we are running ISA and Exchange on.... Everything appears 
to be working as planned, we are able to send and received email and all of our 
intranet users can access the Internet. However, every few days for no known 
reason we suddenly have no internet access and when we try to access a web site 
we get the following error: 

11001 - Host not found
Internet Security and Acceleration Server 
Technical Information (for support personnel) 
This error indicates that the gateway could not find the IP address of the Web 
site you are trying to access. 

        This error only means that ISA could not resolve the IP address.  It is 
no indication of the cause on ISA.

        Before rebooting your server, you should check what is wrong on it.  
Check services.  Most probably, the proxy service is down for some reason.

        Over time, I noticed that, once in a while (one a week maybe), the 
proxy service could fail without reason.  This is the reason why I configured 
Windows/ISA to restart the service after it fails and it does the trick.

        However, if it is failing 3 or 4 times per day, there is a real issue 
here.  In my case, deleting the cache did the trick.

        I suggest you try since it has no bearing on your configuration.


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Rafael Rodrigues said...

My client use ISA firewall mode. Was configured as secureNAT. I'm surfing at 
web and it's stop responding. I go to ISA Server and restart web proxy service 
and all back to work. It's ocurs about 3 times /h. Does n1 knows how i can fix?

        If hotfix 174 is already installed, check the proxy cache.  I had a 
similar problem last week and it was caused by a corruption in the cache.  I 
deleted it and everything came back to normal.

        Sometimes, just before the service crashed, I would get a cache error 
but, most of the time, the crash would occur without prior notice.

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