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Here are two articles on the subject of upgrading to Outlook 2003.

Generally, email profiles are stored in registry, and are automatically
used when you upgrade.  To be sure, you can choose a custom
installation, and select "use existing profile" to migrate your Outlook

The only case that I see problems for is if you are using outlook (98 or
2000 only?) in an internet mail only (IMO) setup.  The workaround to
most Outlook problems can be fixed by recreating your outlook profile.

I would create a backup, and go for it. 

Good luck.


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Hey guys,

I don't support desktop systems, or haven't done so for many years,
other than banging on Debi's monitor when her Word 2003 doesn't work
(seems to fix it half the time ;-)

I've installed Office 2003 on my own workstation *except* for Outlook
2003. I stayed with Outlook 2002 because its so mission critical to my
work and if it broke, I'd be broke :) (OK, I could always wipe and
reinstall, but I don't have extra cycles for that).

Question: In order to install Outlook 2003 you have to uninstall Outlook
2002. When you uninstall Outlook 2002, are the User Profiles removed? Or
are they retained and you can then use them with Outlook 2003? I tried
to look this up on the Microsoft site, but was unable to find a
definitive statement regarding this issue.

Thanks! Feel free to bash me for being a dope on this issue :)

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