Re: VPN and XP $5 Question - a little off topic?

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With the ICF in place, the Exch server can't contact Outlook to announce new
It's a worthwhile nuisance, IMHO.

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Subject: [isalist] VPN and XP $5 Question - a little off topic?

We have users that connect via XP Pro at their home with the built in
firewall running. They use their Outlook 2000 client to connect to exchange
over vpn. Their outlook will not see a new message unless they click
around... If we turn off the xp firewall, they see messages immediately as
they come in as Exchange and mapi normally do.

Is there something we can do here? Its not that big of a deal but still a

I know that this may not be directly related - but I thought perhaps someone
has ran into this with their ISA VPN trials of life...

Thanks for any thoughts!

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