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WSACONNREFUSED indicates that the RRAS service is not accepting new connections.
What do you find from Routing & Remote Access in the event logs?

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Well, the ISA traffic monitor shows that the ?[System] Allow VPN client traffic 
to ISA Server? rule generates a ?0x8007274d WSAECONNREFUSED? error, but that is 
about all I could find.  
Since I?m not exactly sure what time the problems start (we don?t use VPN every 
day) I don?t know about the event log.  I?ll have to try rebooting it tonight 
and see if it quits working upon reboot.
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It should be "manual", because the firewall service manages its state.
When you say "not going through" - what exactly is happening?
What do  you see in the RRAS, ISA or event logs at the time the problems start?
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A few times over the last couple of months I?ve had problems with the VPN 
connections not going through our ISA2006 server.  Each time, the problem 
appears to be in the Routing and Remote Access part of the server.   A restart 
of the RRAS service seems to fix it, but rebooting the entire server does not.  
I noticed the service is set to Manual startup, is this correct or is it 
supposed to be set to Automatic?
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