[isalist] Re: Timeout issue driving me nuts...

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These are frequently difficult to troubleshoot, but the good news is that 99 
times out of 10, the problem is external to ISA.
The first thing to note is the IP address ISA reports as failing to accept a 

-        Is this the correct IP address for the destination site (nslookup 
reports "na5-sjl.salesforce.com")?

-        Is this one of many IPs used for that site (I only find one)?

-        What do you find in the ISA logs around this event?

-        What do you find in the ISA event logs around this event?

-        What devices separate your ISA from the Internet (modem, router, etc.)?

-        Can you get a capture at each point along the chain?

I've not found RR tier-1 support to be of much use; they're typically of the 
"let's remove and reinstall TCP/IP" troubleshooting class.
If you can get an escalation to their networking team, you may be able to get 
concurrent captures during the failure state.

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I have one ISA server (2006 SP-1) on a W2K3 SP-2 box, and we are having a 
random time out error on only one website. (SalesForce.com)

The error message is always this...

Technical Information (for Support personnel) Error Code: 504 Proxy Timeout. 
The connection timed out. (10060) IP Address:

Date: 9/16/2008 2:29:24 PM [GMT]

Server: isa.local.NET

Source: proxy

I though I had it figured out, as an employee from Colorado was VPN'ing in and 
using SalesForce.com through our internal network instead of his own ISP, but 
he is no longer doing that and we still have the timeout occurring. 
Salesforce.com's tech support has basically washed their hands of it and said 
it is our ISA 2006 server. My Web Proxy timeout is set to 1800 seconds - that's 
30 minutes so it should never have a timeout issue.

We run on RoadRunner's business class service with 7mbps download, 2mbps upload 
(theoretical speed).

I don't know where to turn from here. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this 
issue? We don't have this issue with any other websites through ISA 2006.

Is there a user friendly reader for the ISA web and fw log files? Is there a 
tool to see who or what is taking how much bandwidth at a time?


Tom Rogers
Systems Administrator
Schneider Packaging Equipment

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