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The best suggestion I can give is to get ISA 2004.
ISA 2000 does not / can not place routing restrictions on inbound VPN traffic 
to the Internal network.

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I have the following requirement:

I have a customer who wants to setup a VPN connection using their hardware VPN 
appliance to our site to access resources in three 
internal servers.  This VPN connection will be persistent.  I want to make sure 
that the customer can only access those three 
servers and nothing else in the internal network.  Likewise, I don't want none 
of my internal users has access to those three 
servers except four people.  Also, one of those three servers will need to have 
access to an SQL server in the current internal 

My current network setup:  I have a ISA 2000 that sits between public internet 
and internal network.  There aren't any routers in 
the internal network.  All internal clients and SecureNat serves directly 
connect to the ISA.  I have only one ISA license.

I was thinking about splitting the current internal network into two subnets 
(like and with a windows 
2k or 2k3 router and setup packet filters on the interfaces.  The 
is current internal network.  Add the new subnet ID to the ISA LAT.  I was thinking about placing customer's 
hardware VPN appliance outside of ISA and let the traffic 
through external NIC of ISA.  The VPN appliance will have the preset IP numbers 
that I tell them.  How do I make sure that any 
request from the customer only goes to the new subnet?

If there is any simple approach, I would really appreciate your suggestion.



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