Re: Spyware Issue(s)

  • From: "David Farinic" <davidf@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 15:37:27 +0200

Yeh I saw first 1 some 4-5 m ago  ... problem was that removal tools
usually destroyed Winsock connectivity as part of chain in wrappers
around winsock was broken by them.

Its good thing that MS implemented "reset" command for LSPs 
I had to reorder it before with my own tools on infected computers.
Only what I miss is that IE still doesn't have good "undo" to
preinstalled original state.

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From: Thomas W Shinder [mailto:tshinder@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Hi Jim,

Wow, that's pretty cool. The scumware vendors are inserting LSPs now? 

They oughtta  make a law.... ;-)


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From: Jim Harrison [mailto:jim@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Sounds like you have some Winsock LSP-style spyware.
This will definitely "bugger" your client-to-ISA connectivity. Ad-aware has an LSP-plugin scanner that can help you
find junk like this.
Also, you can get LSP-fix that will help you
ferret out nasties like this.

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