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Hi Simon,
You can accomplish all three, it'll take a little bit of tweaking. The
trust relationships should not be an issue, but depending on what you
want to accomplish, you will need to enter the same accounts and
passwords in each domain. However, I don't recommend putting enterprise
Groupware products on a firewall. Its like putting your wallet out on
the front yard before you go to bed at night and expect it to be there
in the morning :-)
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        Hello everyone
        I would like an opinion on this matter and am grateful for any
        I have the potential to get a client on SBS2k. They have 3
offices where they would like teh following requirements:
        1) Email anywhere they go at each site
        2) VPN connectivity, so someone at site 1, can access site 2 or
site 3 from their PC, and Visa Versa
        3) Web Based Email
        Now with SBS2k, I dont believe Point 1 is going to be easy, but
if they were to go for Web Based Email then in my eyes, point 3 and
point 1 will do the job.
        Point 2, I am unsure about :o( I know ISA has VPN Wizards, but
now sure how this connectivity would work in SBS2000. In my eyes, I
would look at connecting Site1 to Site2 and then Site2 to Site3. 
        But as SBS does not support Trust Relationships I think I am
going to be running into authentication issues here.
        Does anyone have any advice on this matter, and whether SBS2k
would be able to do this?
        Opinions and feedback is great :o)
        Simon Weaver
        Technical Consultant
        MCSE+Internet / MCSE Windows 2000
        Integrated Solutions Corp. Ltd <>  

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