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Hi Christina,
Try this: Create an outgoing Web listener that listens on
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        I am having trouble getting my scheduled content downloads to
work.  From the book and online sites I have gone to it looks as if I
have my configs correct, but the downloads come back with the same
        The url,, cannot be retrieved from, during the scheduled content download job, CNN. The http
status code, 403, was returned. The failure was encountered on the first
url specified in the job. Normally, a successful http request returns
HTTP code 200. For specific details of this failure, check the standard
http status code, 403. Check the configuration of this schedule content
download job. 

        Has anyone had this problem?  I am also getting an error when I
stop and start the proxy service.  I do not know if it has anything to
do with my cache problem.

        Web Proxy service failed to bind its socket to port
80. This could be caused by another service that is already using the
same port or by a network interface card that is not functional. The
error code specified in the Data area of the event properties indicates
the cause of the failure. For more information about this event, see ISA
Server Help. 

        I am running Websense on the same server as ISA and stopped the
services to determine if this was one of my problems.  I have two ports
on this server and inside and outside.  Once I disabled the outside port
the error stopped.  Does this seem like I have some configurations

        Any help I can get on either of these would be much appreciated.
I am rebuilding one of my servers soon and if this comes down to
configuration changes I would like to get them changed during the

        Thanks for all your help!!



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