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That's correct; ISA uses the Windows routing table to get packets from A
to Z.

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Precisely!  This is what I had determined last year, but was only able
to actually test it over the last month.  

I do have a couple of questions about this though (I can hear you
groaning already).  

The IP Ranges configured for each "Network" don't seem to have an effect
on actual routing, I was kinda expecting them to make the appropriate
modifications to the W2K3 routing tables, but it doesn't seem to work
that way.  What "actual" effect does entering IP ranges in Network
Properties have?

So, to work around this, I entered in static routes using the Routing
and Remote Access MMC, but those didn't seem to have much of an effect
either. When I entered these routes in using the ROUTE ADD command from
the command prompt, they took effect immediately.  I haven't researched
this yet, but was under the assumption that both the MMC and the command
prompt method modified the same routing table. Is this not the case?

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Hi David,

As I predicted very early on, the term "multi-networking" has created
unneeded confusion :)

Multinetworking is a marketing terms and its very simple.

ISA Server 2000 was LAT based and supported only two networks -- LAT and

ISA Server 2004 supports an unlimited of Networks (capital N) because
there is NO LAT.


Tom and Deb Shinder's Configuring ISA Server 2004
MVP -- ISA Firewalls

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