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For file transfer the port used is 21 or 20 and for telnet the port used
is 23 .. i think .. just check cgain on that part.. you will need to
open the file transfewr port on you ISA server to be able to do a file
transfer.. also check your publishing rules on the ISA server and
confirm if the ISA is not behind a firewall that is blocking access. 

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I have a customer who has an application that needs to connect
thrue a tunneled ssl connection to port 443 to be able to send
files. I am able to telnet the sight that the files are meant to
be sent to but as soon as i install the application for the 
filetransfer i am not able to telnet or connect thrue the application.

I have checked protocol rules, packet filters ssl bridging and
looks ok.

Any suggestions!

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