[isalist] Re: SSL Cert Install - ISA 2004

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Odds are, you:

1.      Installed it in the user personal store; it must be placed in the local 
machine personal store

2.      Did not include the private key in the certificate file
I would just like to say thanks for your reply to the OP inquiry.  At the time 
~ 9 months ago, I did not require knowledge about adding the webservers 
certificate to ISA.  Upon placing the Web Server certificate into the ISA 
machine personal store (that was easy enough to know inherently), and still the 
ISA console did not display the Web Server Cert, i was a bit stuck.

Quick Prayer & searching through the list archive, I found your reply and BAM!  
After including the private key for export in the certificate file, ISA 
immediately recognized the web servers certificate, and we are able to continue 
moving forward again.

Thanks, goodbye!

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Help All!

I've done this a number of times but seem to have fallen from the needed skill 

I need to recreate a web listener and install a Certificate. I installed the 
cert but when I go to select it among the installed certificates it is NOT 
listed there.

Can someone lead me in the right direction please?

Joseph Danielsen, CSBS, MCSA-Messaging, MCP

Network Blade Inc.

49 Marcy Street

Somerset, NJ 08873



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