[isalist] Re: SMTP Send - TMG 0x8007000e ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY

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Also keep an eye on non-paged pool memory utilization.

You didn't recently update any network drivers on the system, did you?

In addition to perfmon, you might want to also fire up poolmon, as that would help identify any potential memory leaks should they exist.

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Sorry for not replying sooner… I’m actually on vacation…

Anyhow, I’d checked the system resources… During the event, there was about 180 Mb Free RAM… Don’t remember how much was cached ATM, but nothing struck me as being constrained… We’ve got the system under monitoring, and the allocated RAM and page file usage had been stable for over a week (since the system was last bo oted) … I certainly was scratching my head as to why I was getting an OUTOFMEMORY error when the system really didn’t seem to be out of memory.

There’s 120 GB of free space on the partition (single partition on a RAID1 disks), so disk space certainly isn’t an issue.

If it happens again, I’ll certainly grab more granular diagnostic in fo.


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Check your system resources – “ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY” is indicative of a dearth of system resources; disk, RAM, etc.

Time for the judicious use of perfmon.

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Long story short: On Tuesday evening, I received a complaint from a user about an email failing to go through. Didn’t think much of it until a few other users complained of a similar issue on Wednesday… Upon investigation, I could see the mails attempting to send (SMTP logs in Exchange 2007), but the SMTP conversation would end prematur ely (after DATA, but before the corresponding ‘250 Message Received ’ response…). The outbound SMTP queue was backed up with 4.4.2 transient failure errors, but not all messages were failing to send…

After digging, in the TMG logs I noticed corresponding “Closed Conn ection” events with the result code “0x8007000e ERROR_OUTOFMEMORY” for the failed SMTP connections. There were no other anomalous issues with the TMG server that I could find (no mem ory pressure, no disk or CPU problems, nothing out of the ordinary i n the event logs, etc). I stopped and restarted the firewall servic e, and the backlog of email flushed through and things have been run ning smoothly again since…

Anyone run into this issue before? Most of the references I find with the error code relate to Outlook problems… Hence Google or Bin g aren’t being very helpful…

Joe P

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