Re: SMTP Filter - HELP! (NOT config help)

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 18:24:17 -0500

I cannot speak to ISA server's problem, but having gone through this with 2
other email packages I have found that almost always the mail is coming in
from another route you are not filtering such as an old secondary MX record
or another IIS server that you dont know has SMTP service running on it or a
Proxy server with the SOCKS service open, etc. It took me a few weeks to
finally nail everything down  . . .
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From: Edward Sullivan
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Subject: [isalist] SMTP Filter - HELP! (NOT config help)

We are running ISA and IIS SMTP on our perimeter email screener, and using
the SMTP Filter to screen for:

Attachment types (.exe, .pif, .com, .vbs, .bat, and .scr)
Domains which we receive spam from (about 100 in the list)
Spam keywords (126 keywords in the list)

Any message that meets SMTP filter criteria is forwarded to a spam box on
our primary Exchange Server.

This server is not our firewall - we are only using ISA for the email
filtering functionality. The server hardware is a Dell 2550 with 512MB of
RAM, and a 2 GHZ XEON Processor. Dual NIC's, of course. To me, this seems
like a well-sized server for the application.

My question is this - I have noticed that certain keywords are not being
filtered, and that messages that contain keywords are not being forwarded to
our spam address, and are instead making it to our users. Is there an
effective limit to the number of keywords ISA can handle, or is there a
misconfiguration somewhere? Has anyone else seen this behavior, and found a
way to correct it? A bug in ISA perhaps? (Heaven forbid!)

Thanks in advance for your responses!
Ed Sullivan
Director of Information Services
esullivan@xxxxxxx <mailto:esullivan@xxxxxxx>
KMA Direct Communications
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