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Re: Return Nothing from Web Publishing?It doesn't work like that.
ISA plays "by the rules" (RFC).  If a connection is attempted to its web 
services, it's bound to respond negatively when appropriate.
You can't tell ISA to just "play dumb" in this case.
What's wrong with letting them know you have ISA protecting you?  If it's 
properly configured, they can't touch you anyway.

Jim Harrison
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  That's not exactly what I mean.  If I do that, then none of my web publishing 
works (it defeats the "allow" packet filter I already have for port 80).  I 
want to reject all traffic from any source IP that tries to connect directly to 
the IP number interface on the ISA host.

  What I mean is that I want to let in any web traffic to any published site 
using web publishing.  But if anyone tries to use the external IP number, they 
will get "truly rejected" - ISA will not say "403 Forbidden...Internet Security 
and Acceleration Server", it will just return nothing and timeout the browser.  
I don't want to advertise  what I use for security, I just want to reject the 
packets destined for a given destination set.



  Return Nothing from Web Publishing?If you want to reject all requests = based 
on source IP, then create a packet filter that denies all = protocols for a 
given source IP address.

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