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Is this the same "shared ISP between companies" scenario that we
discussed before?

Jim Harrison
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I've been going over this installation for about a month now, and
neither I nor the Rainfinity support people can figure it out...  I
installed the newest version of RainConnect, and it hasn't worked right


In summary: I have two ISPs connected to my ISA 2004 server, the primary
ISP works fine inbound and outbound, but the secondary ISP only works


As a temporary measure, I removed the secondary IP from the DNS records,
so inbound traffic is using only the main ISP.  So, all of my testing
(VPN and HTTP) is by using the IP address instead of the hostname.  So
far, the only common denominator is that all the connections error out
on the default rule.  I've double and triple and quadruple checked all
of the settings, and cannot figure out why none of the rules seem to
take effect.   


Anyone have any ideas?  

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