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yeap I do... :)
the thing is that this is the 2nd isa I setup and the first one was
much more complicated, but the blocking went fine... 

anyway I'll keep trying...
thx :)

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At 12:16 AM +0200 12/14/01, Bull wrote:
>thx Dar... but I've done that part and
>it doesn't seem to do anything... :(

That's scarry.

When I set up my external adapter I unchecked Client for MS Networks 
and File and Printer Sharing.  In TCP/IP properties I unchecked 
Enable LMHOSTS and checked Disable Netbios on TCP/IP.

If that helps, I'm worried about MY setup.

I still get some non-IP traffic.  For example, Network Monitor (full 
version from SMS) send out some stuff.

Are you sure you are scanning the right IP?

Dar Scott

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