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> As I explained John in one of my post I have a home business which
> relies on ISA 2004 Server for my clients, and business security, the
> issue was that my wife and I decided it was best for the time being to
> cut our home DSL connection and use our business connection for the time
> being. So using a linksys router or another method other than ISA 2004
> Server is simply not an option.

Andrew, you seem to be missing a basic fundamental point. Firewalls and
on-line games are almost mutually exclusive.

What you are saying is you are using ISA for your clients and/or to provide
service to your clients, yet you also want to play on-line games through the
same connection.

Why would you compromise the security of your clients in that manner? Are
your clients aware of the fact that you are playing on-line games through
that very same connection? What are you going to tell your clients WHEN not
if your computer becomes compromised as a result of playing on-line games
and client data either becomes corrupted or is stolen? You do have a privacy
statement with your clients, correct? I believe playing on-line games on the
same connection will be seen by any court of law as a breach of that privacy

When you are providing a service to others, your interests and desires MUST
take a back seat to the safety and security as well as fulfilling the agreed
upon services to those others.

I am sorry Andrew, but from a professional, legal, moral and ethical
standpoint, what you are trying to do is flat out wrong!

I hope you reconsider.

John T
eServices For You

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