Problem accessing Windows Media content

  • From: "Mayo, Bill" <bemayo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 17:04:20 -0500

I am having trouble allowing designated staff access to Windows Media
content.  I have the firewall client loaded on the computers, and IE is set
to use the web proxy service.  I am unable to play either web-embedded
content, or content through Windows Media Player.  In both cases, it goes
about the process of trying to connect, and then the status shows "close"
and nothing else happens.  I get no error messages at all.  The WMP software
has a checkbox telling it to use the same proxy information as the web
browser, but it also didn't work with "no proxy" set there.

I have a rule that allows members of a particular group to access the
protocol (which is defined by default as "MMS-Windows Media").  I have
looked at the log, but it seems to indicate that there is no denial.  An
excerpt is below (beware the line breaks):

All the "cs-status"'s are either 0 or 20000, which a Technet article
indicates is a successful connection termination.

I have looked and made sure that "Enable filtering of IP fragments" is
turned off, as this was the only other information I could find.  Any help
is greatly appreciated!

Bill Mayo
Pitt County MIS

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