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SMTP uses port 25 - POP3 uses 110.

But when publishing your mail server, there are options to allow POP3,
Exchange etc...

Using them would be the easiest to do.

Hope this helps you

Best regards,
Mikkel Høyrup

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I've asked this before, and I have been trying to find out what the
problem is but I can't find a solution.
I have just set up ISA on a standalone Server.
I have published our Web, FTP, and Mail.  
Internally everything is working.
Clients behind the ISA Server can send and receive mail, web browse
etc..... without any problems.
The issue that I am having, is that I am dialing up with a test machine
to see if I can send and receive e-mail using a POP Client.
I have an Exchange 2000 Server behind my ISA server.
I can receive mail from our server, but when it is trying to connect to
send, it gives "unable to connect to server".
I have the smtp service published and it is running on the Exchange
I have followed Toms' article on "ISA Server SMTP Server Support". And
allowed outbound access to the smtp server port TCP 25.
Do I have to allow inbound on the same port as well?
Is this what I am doing wrong?
Can someone please help?  I've been trying to get this thing working
without any success.
Thank you,

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