RE: PIX 515e and ISA 2000 (I know, I know)

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See if there's anything listed on this link that might address some of
your issues.

I think what Tom and most other people were looking for was a scope to
your issue.  What you may be experiencing may not be the issue but
rather a symptom of it.

I'm not trying to be facetious at your expense or anything but have you
spoken with Microsoft PSS about the issue?  I realize that may not be a
desired action to take but sometimes it's the best action to take

I'm coming in late to this thread but I think your initial question was
about attempting to establish an ISA VPN?  Then I think you dropped into
stability issues.

For the record, can we start again?  And feel free to send mail directly
to me.  I can't guarantee quick responses but I am somewhat skilled at
defining the scope of a problem and might be able to at least point you
in the right direction with that regards.

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Now this:
"!BC3213176E0489FD!392.entry"; is
like it, I havent seen before and looks like its required readin. I have
already done much of the same troubleshooting with nslookup etc. The
isapix stuff Ive seen before. I will have a look at the netscreen stuff.

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