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Yes. You are already crazy. Completely.

Take 4 NIC's out of your ISA machine and add all those external addresses to
one card. It'll work much the same - unless the different IP's are on
different ISPs?


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I have a network that I am installing ISA on.  I have 5 machines that will
need to be accessed by external machines.  I currently have it setup so
ISA Server has 6 NIC's.  The 5 NIC's have a different IP address to be
able to route to a secific Internal IP address.  The Citrix Server, for
example, has a static address and is using the ISA DNS server for
resolution internal and external.  The ISA server has the external IP
address binded to one of the 6 NIC's so when I put in a request for the
citrix server IP address it goes right there.  This works great but If I
have to have a NIC for each internal server on my network that needs to be
able to be accessed from and external source I'm gonna go crazy.  I found
a tech note on microsoft's website and citrix's website that I should
route it all through the one external nic.

I guess what I'm thinking is like the NAT when you can bind an external IP
address to an internal one.  Is this possible or am I going crazy and just
can't see it or what?  Any help on this would be appreciated.

I also have a PC anywhere machine that I want to be able to access from
externally and I want to be able to go out as well.  I have been
unsuccessfull and figured I would ask this as well to save myself a little
bit of time if possible.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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