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My first thought is that it might be a host header issue.


You did mention that you have one rule for both sites.  I'm assuming then
that both sites are running on the same IP address.


I'm also assuming that one site it pulling up just fine.  That tells me that
the rule is working and passing traffic correctly.


If they are on the same IP address,  make sure that you've got the rule to
pass the 'original' host header from the client.                


If you are not passing the original host header, then only one of the sites
would pull up.  Also, make sure that your host headers are properly setup on
your IIS box.


To verify that the original header is sent, in ISA 2k6, it's on the "To"
tab.  Make sure to check the box that states "Forward the original host


Also, you might want to check "Request appear to come from the original
client" if you're doing any kind of logging/stats reporting on the IIS box.


Good Luck and have a wonderful day! J




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Hey Jim, tks for the reply and sorry for my delay, my phone got broken.

I understand the NOT_ENOUGHT_MEMORY message, but why if I access the same
web publishing rule as www.siteA.com and then as www.siteB.com with the
first one work and the second one failed?


Any clue?



Diego R. Pietruszka

MSC (USA) - Interlink Transport Technologies


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"ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY" is pretty clear; ISA can't process the request
because the requirements you and the request imposed on it exhaust whatever
remaining user-mode memory is available to ISA at the time.


Odds are, you're trying to compress everything in sight and if so, this is a
BAD idea in the extreme.


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Hey everybody


I have 1 website running on IIS 6 on a windows 2003 server with SP2 on it.

That was the presentation for the IIS


>From the ISA point of view I have the same IP, used by 2 different DNS
records and pointing to the same rule (or actually the listener is listening
on that IP). There is only 1 rule and 1 listener for those 2 websites.





The second one works fine, the first one just in some cases and refreshing
several times it works with some errors for images not being downloaded or
things like that.


For the working one, of course the ISA log looks beautiful, for the one
failing ISA is showing on the log the following error:


Log Time              Client IP               Destination IP    Destination
Port               Protocol               Action   Rule       Result Code
HTTP Status Code            Client Username              Source Network
Destination Network      URL        Server Name    Log Record Type
Original Client IP               Client Agent       Authenticated Client
Service Referring Server                Destination Host Name Transport
HTTP Method    MIME Type         Object Source   Source Proxy
Destination Proxy    Bidirectional       Client Host Name

9/8/2008 2:36:12 PM                80
Port 80  Denied Connection                         0x80070008
ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY                                           External
Local Host            -              NYUISA11            Firewall                                                  -
TCP        -              -
-                                                              9/8/2008
6:36:12 PM       61666    0              0              0              0x0
0x0         -


The rule on ISA was created accepting all request (on the public name tab),
and the IIS is listening for incoming port 80 traffic, it doesn't matter
which website are the request referring to.


I have no idea what is going on here. 


Any idea out there?


Thanks guys



Diego R. Pietruszka

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