[isalist] Re: OT: What temperature do you run your server room at?

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That does seem fairly hot.

I think there was a study done a while back I remember reading of Google (I 
think) increasing the operating temp of a bunch of their servers and plotting 
the overall hardware failure rate, particularly relating to the disks. They 
found no adverse effects at all when operating temperatures were increased, 
obviously not to extreme levels. Generally its vibration or shock along with 
crappy power source that causes allot of the internals (disks especially) to 

We run our server rooms at about 23c/75f and I would be even happy to push that 
out to 27/80 when we have finished our virtualization strategy.


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90 degrees? Wow the barbecue grill is in the computer room as well?

Diego R. Pietruszka
MSC (USA) - Interlink Transport Technologies

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Hi all-

This is off topic, but an interesting question.

Our building is going through a renovation. Part of the renovation is 
transforming the building into a green building (LEEDS certified gold, or maybe 
even platinum). This question hasn't come up here, but it does have relevance 
to us.

I was at a conference yesterday and a Microsoft guy was talking about 
virtualization, how it could save you money and whatnot. He mentioned that at 
the office he works at, as another money-saving feature they keep their server 
room at 90 degrees (!). It saves them money on cooling and he says has no 
adverse effects on their servers. He says the biggest damage-inducing facet of 
temperature is big swings in temperature, that just running hot is not a 
problem. What do you all think?




Rob Moore

Network Manager


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