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Are you binding to AD in your script with an account that has read/write
permissions on the objects?

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Hi there


Sorry to bother this list with a VB problem, but with all the MS.Blaster VB
Code running around I'm sure that someone on this list is more than capable
of saving me from my newbie-VB skills :-)


I wish to correct the Display Names of all users in my AD and have written a
script to do it. Following is the crux of the script:


While Not objRecordset.EOF

    Set objUser = GetObject("LDAP://"; &

            FullName = objUser.Get("givenName") & " " & objUser.Get("sn")

            objUser.PutEx ADS_PROPERTY_CLEAR, "initials", 0

            objUser.Put "displayName", FullName

            objUser.Put "name", FullName





What I found is that just by writing the "displayName" attribute my problem
is not solved because when I browse my AD I still see a user's previous
name. I then used ldp.exe to find that the "name" attribute is another
attribute that I have to change, but when I try to run my script I get an
error saying:

"The server is unwilling to process the request."


I presume that the "name" (and "cn" for that matter) attributes are
essentially protected and was wondering if you knew what attribute I could
use to try and correct the display names? So far the only way I know that it
works is to right-click a name and select the "rename" option.



William R.




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