Manually uninstall FW client ISA 2000

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  • Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 12:26:09 -0800

Have a client that has upgraded to ISA 2004.

I am uninstalling the ISA 2000 FW client for the workstations and installing
the ISA 2004 FW client.

On one workstation, the 2000 FW client uninstalled using setup_a.exe and
remove all (what I am doing on all) and restarted. Upon restart, went to
install the 2004 FW client and it stopped saying must uninstall previous
version first. Well, it is uninstalled. When I tried to reinstall the 2000
FW client (from the SMS package folder) it complains that there are files
missing. (Well gee, because the ISA 2000 server no longer exists.)

Any one have an idea of how to resolve this? My guess is the MSI information
for the 2000 FW client did not completely remove in the registry, but I do
not know where to look or for what keys.

John T
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