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Hi Willaim,
You don't really want the Exchange Server, per se, to forward the mail,
you want the Exchange SMTP service to forward the mail. This is easy to
do, just create a remote domain for the domain handled by the five point
five server, then configure that remote domain for use the five point
five server as its smart host. This allows the Exchange SMTP service to
forward mail for that domain, and that domain *only* to the Exchange
five point five server on the internal network. Check out for details on the config, and also the ISA
Server and Beyond book has some info on this.

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        Hi All


        I have ISA and X2K on one machine. I need X2K to receive mail
for 2 domains but need it to forward mail for one of them to an Exchange
5.5 server......How can I do this?  Any help appreciated




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