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The two domain part is addressed by exchange through recipient policies.
Just open ESM and create a recipient policy for each domain that you
want E2k to handle mail for.  Perhaps the easiest way to actually
receive the mail from outside is to make sure the MX records for each
domain coorespond to the same IP address (usually the IP of the external
interface on the ISA)
To forward mail for one of the domains to another mail server you should
be able to just create a seperate SMTP Virtural server (also done under
ESM) and setup up to listen for mail destined for that domain and
forward it to the 5.5 server.  I'm going on theory here though, I
haven't tested it.

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        Hi All


        I have ISA and X2K on one machine. I need X2K to receive mail
for 2 domains but need it to forward mail for one of them to an Exchange
5.5 server......How can I do this?  Any help appreciated




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