LPR requires defines SOURCE port

  • From: jmobley@xxxxxxxxxx
  • To: isalist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 22:42:43 -0600

So As I understand it, NAT works by assigning a dynamic port to outgoing
traffic, and when that traffic returns to that port, the server remembers
who it goes to.

Also as I understand it the RFC for LPR requires that requests send to the
server port of 515 originate from 721-731 , or something else depending on
where u read. (I believe a revised RFC allows for a wider source port
range) but anyway, I MUST find out how to convince my ISA server to send
out anything destined for port X ( in this case 515 ) via port Y (721-731)
but I find no options that even remotly resemble this.

Help please
and thank you too.

-Jay Mobley

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