RE: Installing caching only with SBS

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:20:30 -0000

you are allowed to split sbs among servers I believe.
the respective serial no's are on the media somewhere I believe
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Shawn Quillman replied...


        I _believe_ that integrated mode is the only installation option
in SBS.
        Why do you want cache only mode?  Is web the only thing that's
going in/out? 

                The client already has a firewall and that machine is
already a DC, an Exchange Server, a DNS server, will possibly become a
DHCP server and even more...
                To respect the licensing, ISA needs to be on that
machine but including the firewall services would be way too much
(especially because they don't need it).
                They wanted the acceleration functions of ISA since they
already paid for them.  But, if it can't be installed in caching mode
only, that'll be it!
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                From: Frederic Giroux [mailto:fgiroux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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                To: [ Discussion List]
                Subject: [isalist] Installing caching only with SBS
                Good day!
                I'm looking for a way to install only the caching
portion of ISA server on Small Business Server (SBS).  Unfortunately,
the SBS setup doesn't ask questions regarding the mode in which you
would like to have ISA installed.  It simply installs everything.
                I tried the stand-alone setup from the SBS disk but it
asks for a 10-digit key number which we don't have since we only have
the 25-digit key that comes from SBS.

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