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Title: Fixing Common Web Publishing Problems --  Part 2
Summary: Web Publishing Rules allow you to make Web and FTP Servers on the 
internal network accessible to external network users. Most of the time they 
work right out of the box, but there are some situations that can cause your 
Web Publishing Rules to not work exactly how you want them to. Check out this 
second part of Tom's two part article on fixing common Web publishing problems 
and get those Web Publishing Rules running smoothly again.

Title: Configuring Xbox Live -- by Aaron Shimmons
Summary: Do you use ISA Server as your firewall and also have an Xbox on the 
internal network? Want to use the Xbox with Microsoft's Xbox live service? 
While MS doesn't support games behind the ISA Server, Aaron Shimmons will show 
you, in this article, how to make it work!

Title: Common Web Publishing Problems
Summary: Web Publishing continues to be one of the most enticing features of 
ISA Server 2000. The Web Publishing Wizard makes it a virtual no-brainer to 
publish internal network Web sites. But sometimes the simplicity is only skin 
deep. Check out part 1 of this two part article on common Web Publishing 
problems and make your publishing woes fade away!

Title: The Mystery of the HTTP Redirector and Site&Content Rules
Summary: You have created that huge destination set in order to block malicious 
sites. You think it is working great because Web Proxy clients can't access 
those sites. However, someday you discover that Firewall and SecureNAT clients 
still have access to those sites, despite the fact there is a proper 
Site&Content rule in place. If you want to know why this can happen, read on.

Title: Publishing Multiple Web Sites using Web Publishing Rules
Summary: Are you stuck with one or just a few IP addresses for your ISA 
Server's external interface? Want to publish dozens of Web and FTP sites on 
your internal network with just a single IP address on your external interface? 
No problem! Check out this article and find out how.

Title: Publishing Exchange Server Tips and Tricks Webinar
Summary: Are you thinking about publishing your Exchange Server? Have you 
already done so? Either way, you'll benefit from this "tips and tricks" seminar 
where Tom Shinder shares with you some of his secrets on how to make Exchange 
Server Publishing work even in the most unfriendly environment: when the 
Exchange Server is on the ISA Server itself!

Title: Configuring Web Proxy Clients for Direct Access
Summary: You've probably seen me tell people to "configure the site for Direct 
Access". The problem is I usually don't give you many more details. Its time to 
fix this! If you don't know how Direct Access works and how to configure Web 
Proxy clients to use Direct Access for certain sites, then head on over and 
read this article now!

Title: Allowing External Connections to the ISA Server Outgoing Web Requests 
Summary: Wouldn't it be great to allow your external network clients to use the 
Web Proxy service in the same way they do when they're on the internal network? 
You bet! All you need to do is publish the Incoming Web Requests listener. If 
this sounds good to you, then head on over here and check out this article.

Title: Using Web Publishing Rules to Publish Co-located Web and FTP Servers
Summary: Want to publish a Web and FTP site co-located on an internal nework 
server? Want to use Web Publishing Rules to do this? What if you only have a 
single public IP address? No problem! Read this article and find out how to 
publish Web and FTP sites using Web Publishing Rules.

Title: How the FTP protocol Challenges Firewall Security
Summary: In this article I discuss the FTP protocol and how it works with 
Firewalls in general, and ISA Server in particular. If you're having problems 
with inbound or outbound FTP, check this out before moving on to the next step.

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