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Hi ISAlist,

New articles added to last month:

Title: Using ISA Server 2004 RADIUS Authentication in Web Publishing Rules 
(Part 2)
Author: Paul Baldwin
Summary: In Part 1 of this article we configured the Internet Authentication 
Service on our chosen RADIUS server to handle ISA Server 2004’s RADIUS 
authentication for Web site access. In this second part we look at ISA Server 
2004 and how it can utilise RADIUS authentication for its Web publishing rules 
and Web Proxy service.

Title: Using ISA server to publish VNC for remote control from the Internet
Author: Ricky M. Magalhaes
Summary: In this tutorial I will cover how to publish VNC using ISA server so 
that you will able to administer both ISA server and your network form the 
internet. It may be important for most organizations, that you the ISA 
administrator always have access to the ISA sever or and the network for 
administration purposes. It could happen that you are going on leave and your 
counterpart or colleague is having difficulty making a change on the ISA server 
or on one of the servers on your network.

Title: Publishing OWA Sites using ISA Firewall Web Publishing Rules (2004)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: Since the ISA firewall represents the industry standard for Unified 
Threat Management (UTM) devices, it only makes good sense that you replace 
those stateful filtering firewall/VPN gateways with an UTM device that sports 
both stateful filtering and stateful application layer inspection engines to 
protect your OWA sites. We always recommend that you switch over from your 
third-party stateful packet filters and use the ISA firewall’s advanced 
stateful filtering and advanced stateful application layer inspection features 
to protect OWA. This article will show you how to turn your OWA publishing 
dreams into a reality.

Title: Using EAP User Certificate Authentication for ISA Firewall Site to Site 
VPNs (2004)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: We talked about using the ISA firewall as a remote access VPN server 
and VPN gateway in Chapter 9 of our book Dr. Tom Shinder’s Configuring ISA 
Server 2004. But because of limitations on the number of pages we could put 
into the book, we weren’t able to include the instructions for how to configure 
a site to site VPN connection using EAP user authentication for the calling VPN 
gateway account. Therefore, we’ll put the instructions on how to get this setup 
here on 

Title: Configuring a Site to Site VPN between an 2004 ISA firewall and ISA 
Server 2000 (v1.2)
Author: Thomas Shinder
Summary: I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately on how to configure a 
site to site VPN between an ISA Server 2004 firewall (ISA firewall) and an ISA 
Server 2000 firewall. Since so many of you have an ISA Server 2000 in place at 
your branch offices and are now replacing or supplementing your packet filter 
based "hardware" firewalls with ISA firewalls at main office, I thought now 
might be a good time to show you how it all works.

Title: Using ISA Server 2004 RADIUS Authentication in Web Publishing Rules 
(Part 1)
Author: Paul Baldwin
Summary: A valuable feature in any firewall is an ability to authenticate users 
before they are allowed to communicate with servers behind that firewall. ISA 
Server is one of the few firewalls that can provide this service for any Web 
servers that it publishes, but previously this feature had only been practical 
if the ISA Server was a domain member with access to the Active Directory. With 
ISA Server 2004 additional methods of authenticating were introduced, one of 
which allows the ISA Server to authenticate users in the Active Directory 
without requiring the ISA Server to be a member of that Active Directory 
forest. The mechanism it uses is RADIUS, a protocol perhaps better known in 
connection with dial-up and VPN access.

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